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Avaya 1151B1 Individual Power Supply
The Avaya 1151B1 individual power supply is a "desktop";
single output 48-volt Direct Current (DC), 20-watt power supply.
The power supply can operate within a wide range of Alternating Current (AC) input voltages: 90 - 264 Volts Alternating Current (VAC), 47-63 Hz.
This power supply replaces the MSP-1, KS-22911-L1/2, 329A, 353A and the 1151A1/A2 DC power supplies and the 2012D AC transformer.
The 1151B1 power unit has a green Light Emitting Diode (LED) that shows the unit has power on the PHONE jack, pins 7&8 when AC power is applied.

This item is available in three different Price Element Codes (PECs) as follows:
1151B1 power supply: material code 700227242
1151B1 with a Category (CAT) 5 Cable for Internet Protocol Terminals: material code 175707
1151B1 with a CAT 3 Cable for Digital Communications Protocol (DCP) Terminals: material code 175706